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At Magnum Pumps we stock a vast amount of Borehole Pipes and Borehole Accessories. We only supply the best Borehole Pipes as we believe our customers need the best. Magnum Pumps also offer other services such as full Borehole Contracting & Borehole Drilling Services.

uPVC Column Pipes

​High Impact, High Tensile uPVC Column Pipes for Submersible Pumps.


Magnum Pumps vast experience & successful track record in pump industry spanning 23 years facilitate not only to enhance the range of pumps & motors, but also to produce and supply quality pumping accessories. uPVC pipes are one among such accessories produced with specially designed formulation under integrated quality control systems, right from sourcing raw materials. Also adequate safety factors has been considered in designing the pipes to have maximum weight carrying capacity.

These pipes are specially designed for submersible pumps, capable of handling both internal hydro static pressure as well as high tensile load caused by the pump weight & column water pressure and weight . In general the first pipe fitted with the pump will be subjected to high hydro static pressure and the top most one has to withstand the entire weight of the column water & pump.

The unique formulation used in the manufacture of these borehole pipes ensures that the threads do not turn brittle, break or chip during the entire life cycle. The threading & dimension standards maintained make these pipes ideally suitable for using as column borehole pipes for submersible pumps worldwide. These pipes are produced in difference types which can be selected according to the installation requirements.


  • Rigid construction & longer life span upto 25 years.
  • The best alternative for G.I Pipes and cost effective.
  • Can be used for potable water supply.
  • Special care is taken while fixing couplers with pipes to avoid column slippage.
  • Specially designed square threads are capable of withstanding heavy load & these threads do not get corroded or deteriorated, even upto 25 years of use.
  • Special rubber seal is provided at the end of threads to ensure 100% leak proof even at high pressure.
  • A special rubber (EPDM & Nitrile) ring is provided in the coupling between the 2 pipes to absorb the vibration caused due to high pump pressure.
  • Internal surface of these pipes are very smooth, resulting in very low head loss due to friction and increases water discharge upto maximum of 30%, compared with traditional G.1. pipes thereby saving power.
  • Because of its light weight characteristic & special square thread design these pipes can be tightened easily by hand and no need of using a pipe wrench.
  • uPVC column pipes are resistant to chemical reactions when used in acidic or alkaline waters assuring long life.
  • Can handle water with maximum temperature upto 45°C.
  • These borehole pipes come in 3m Standard length and are of light weight ensuring easy handling and storage.


The column pipes must be selected from the types available, so that the pump delivery pressure does not exceed the permissible hydrostatic pressure. In the column, for every 10m above the pump, there is a pressure drop of 1 kg/cm². If the pump delivery pressure is high, two different class pipes of the same size can be used, instead of using same type of pipes alone for the entire depth, to make it cost effective. Heavy type pipes can be used up to required length starting from pump and medium plus / standard type pipes can be used for the remaining length. An illustration is given below.

As per above illustration 40m of Heavy class pipes must be used starting from the pump, even for the lower depth installations since the pump delivery pressure is 24kg/cm². While selecting the pipe it must be ensured that the total load is very well within the recommended ultimate breaking load.


  • First connect the male end of the bottom adaptor (C.I. / S.S) firmly to the pump discharge housing using a pipe wrench and first pipe can be connected to the female end.
  • Before connecting clean both the ends of the pipes with clean water and check rubber seal ring for any damage.
  • The pipe can be tightened by hand itself, but while tightening, water has to be poured on pipe threads for lubrication. For a better grip a strap wrench can be used to tighten / hold the pipes.
  • Tighten the pipes by hand, until the rubber seal ring in the pipe end completely enters in to the coupling.
  • Submersible pump cable needs to be tied in regular intervals along with the column pipes, for securing the cable from getting damaged.
  • At the time of lowering the pump into borehole the C-clamp must be fastened only to the pipe portion marked as “CLAMP HERE”.
  • Then all other pipes can also be connected in the same way. Pipe wrench should not be used on the pipe for support.
  • Once the top column pipe reaches the ground level, connect the top adaptor with male end connection.
  • Finally from the ground level regular plumbing accessories can be used to transfer water to required delivery point.


These pipes should be stored in a covered area protected from direct sunlight.

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