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Borehole Drilling 60 m with 18 m Casing, Borehole Pump And 0.75kW Motor, Control Box, Borehole Pipe, Cable & Safety Rope. Manhole Cover + Garden Tap.


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Welcome To Magnum Pumps & Borehole Contracting Services


Magnum Pumps specialize in borehole pumps and drilling services in Gauteng. We have full turnkey services from full Borehole Contracting and Borehole Testing services. Magnum Pumps was started as a one-man business by Wynand Erasmus in 1986. The company now boasts six expert teams, who not only specialise in the following:
We also offer other products and services such as Borehole Accessories and Pipes. Magnum Pumps offers professional, practical solutions to our clients’ environments. These services include an integrated and effective approach to the management utilisation and monitoring of water resources, as well as legal and environmental aspects related to these environments. The clients we serve include local nurseries, municipalities, mines, hotels, lodges and a host of private clients.

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Water Pump Packs 3-Inch and 4-Inch

Pumping Clean water with sand content less than 150g/m³

For Borehole pumping, River pumping, Farm Irrigation, Water supply

Includes: Pump, Motor, Control Box, Cable, Safety Rope, Baseplate, and 3x Compression Fittings.

3-Inch Pump Packs
kW V
0.25 230
0.55 230
0.55 230
Minimum Depth: 9m
Maximum: 85m

4-Inch Pump Packs
kW V
0.37 230
0.55 230
0.75 230
Minimum Depth: 15m
Maximum: 125m

Operating Conditions

  • Submersible Depth: 100m
  • Liquid temperature up to + 40 Degree
  • Ambiet temperature up to + 40 Degree
  • Minimum well diameter: 3.5’’

Motor and Pump

  • 2 pole induction motor
  • Single – phase: 220V 50Hz
  • Submersible motor in oil bath
  • Insulation: Class B
  • Protection: IP X8
  • Outlet diameter: 1’’
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