Borehole Drilling Machines & Services

Magnum Pumps have specialized Borehole Drilling Machines. Our offer onsite Borehole Drilling Services are always available at a short notice in urgent situations. A borehole increases the value of any property. We have use our own geologists and diviners which saves third party costs.

One must remember that we do not know how deep we will have to drill, how many meters of casing will have to be used (this depends on the type of soil in the area) and what type of rock will have to be drilled through to get sufficient water to warrant setting up a complete system.

The price can escalate or plummet according to:

  • The depth that will have to be drilled.
  • The type of stone found in the area – the harder the stone the more difficult the borehole drilling process.
  • The type of sand in the area – the number of casings used depends on this aspect.
  • The length of electrical cord used to get electricity to the pump.
  • The distance and the type of topography (terrain) the rig will have to travel through to get to the drilling area.
  • The time it will take to complete the drilling.

How much water? Impossible to know before borehole drilling and can alter with the passage of time. WATER CANNOT BE GUARANTEED AND IF FOUND, CONTINUOUS FLOW CANNOT ALSO BE ASSURED.

Although all these precautions are taken we cannot under any circumstances:
  • Guarantee that we will find water.
  • Give the assurance that water will be found at a certain depth or that water will be found at all.
  • Pledge that the water found will be palatable.
  • The borehole will not be dry.

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